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  •  Lin Chia-ying
    Name: Lin Chia-ying
    Education: College of Continuing Education & Junior College of Continuing
    Education Affiliated, National Taichung University of Science and Technology
    Experience: Specialist, Chiayi Fishermen’s Association
    Administrative Goals:
    1. Novelty, practicality, and efficiency. Enhance the authorization to offer people convenient services. Take public opinions into consideration to optimize township administration with more innovations.
    2. Highlight social welfare, concern for elderly people, women, children, and minorities. Continue to subsidize childbirth benefits to women.
    3. Renew asphalt roads and greenification of communities.
    4. Secure funds to build drainage channels at Route 157 Xilun section (Jiusi Bo) (including the drainage system).
    5. Secure funds to establish the new Jiezhuang Pumping Station (pump and discharge water to Lioujiao Estuary).
    6. Improve the drainage system and secure funds for the renewal of Siayi Pumping Station, Tai Route-17 Aogu Pumping Station, and Tai Route-61 Fulai Pumping Station.
    7. Promote cultural and leisure tourism to attract more people in order to create more business opportunities and increase more job opportunities for townsfolks.
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