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    Kangkao Temple Print

    Kangkao Temple worships the Tianshang Shengmu (Heavenly Holy Mother), with about 300 years of history. Located at the northwest corner of Dongshih Township, the birthday of Mazu is in the third month of the lunar calendar every year. On that day, a great worship ceremony will be held by gathering worshipers from the eleven neighborhoods and six communities. It is a lively and bustling rite indeed.

    Upon the request of the worshipers at different places, her divinity has been split to guard over different corners in Taiwan. Around the birthday of Mazu on the 23rd in the 3rd lunar month every year, the temples with her split spirit will form pilgrim groups to return to the mother temple, worship the deity, bring the deity back home, and offer incense sticks.

    Kangkao Temple

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