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Dongshi Township Office

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Dongshi Township Office網站


Tourist Guide

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    Established in 1956, it is the first sightseeing peanut factory in Taiwan. All the peanuts are harvested from the production area and transported to the factory for processing, including sunbaking, stirring, and stir-frying. All the peanuts here are grown, processed, and sold here to guarantee their quality. High in quality, the peanuts here are even sold to international markets.

    The story about the origin of peanuts is told in the gallery. In addition, details about the production area, production period, and the growing of seeds are also introduced. In addition, there is an “Interactive Compendium of Materia Medica” to allow people to understand the vitamins contained in peanuts and their benefits to people’s health.

    In the gallery, the famous souvenir gift box – “Black King Kong Peanuts” is highly recommended. In addition to their black skins, these peanuts are low in fat. Crunchy and delicious, they are snacks you don’t want to miss.Established

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