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Tourist Guide

    Dongshih Fisherman’ Wharf Print

    Dongshih Fisherman’ Wharf is the highlight of tourism developed in Chiayi County recently. This wharf is designed with the ideas of “wind,” “sunshine,” “ocean,” and “lighthouse” to reshape the image of a wharf as expected by people.

    Stepping on the pier, you can feel the breeze caressing your face, and taste the salt in the air. The Seaview Pavilion, Dutch style entrance image, the embankment path, the water fun beach, and more provide visitors with different feels of the ocean.

    In recent years, the government has sponsored activities intermittently to forge a refined theme image of the wharf with fresh seafood and dusk scenes to attract more visitors with the hope of transforming it into a featured landscape in Dongshih.

    Dongshih Fisherman’ Wharf

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