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    Aogu Wetlands Print

    Aogu Wetlands is one of the most famous wetlands in the world. Located at the west of Aogu Farm, it has the area of about 1,500 hectares. It is also the biggest wetland ecology in Taiwan now. Neighboring Beigang River in the north, Lioujiao Drain in the south, the Taiwan Strait in the west, and Tai Route 17 in the east, it is nicknamed haipudi by local people.

    Its major feature lies in its geographic location, including the wind-break forest, red mangrove woods, salt water swamps, tidal belt, and more. With many reeds growing wildly, there is hardly any trace of people. Therefore, it has become the home to migratory birds and water birds. There has been the record of as many as 15 kinds of migratory birds here. In other words, Aogu Wetland can be regarded as the winter vacation resort of wild birds and the heaven of bird watchers along the southwestern coast. With rich ecological resources, it has won international recognition.

    Aogu Wetlands and Forest Park adopts the principle of low-density development in order to create a natural zone with the values of ecological preservation and academic research. Therefore, it is an ecological zone with low-carbon discharge. With economic benefits and ecological values, it connects with the neighboring areas to form a travel belt, providing visitors with an ideal resort. Collaborating with agriculture, community construction, and environmental education in the surrounding areas, it is developed sustainably with dual concern of ecological preservation and regional industry.Aogu Wetlands i

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