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Dongshi Township Office

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    In 1661, Liu Ying, a native of Huian County, Minquan, followed Cheng Cheng-kung to Taiwan. Later, his descendants settled down in Dongshih and began to develop this place. In the same era, Huang Huai-che sent his grandsons of the 11th generation – Sun Huang-sheng and Huang Sheng brothers – to sail across the Taiwan Strait from Dongshih, Jinjiang, and Minquan to Taiwan, where they settled down in Dongshih Liao, Puzi Jiao, and began to develop the place. Likewise, they had become the founding ancestors of Dongshih. Around 1712, a native surnamed Huang from Jinjiang County, Minquan and two other forefathers Wu and Tsai collaborated to explore Aogu Zhuang, Niaosong Bao. In addition, there were also five other ancestors, surnamed Lin, Cheng, Tang, Yang, and Yao migrated to Lizi Lun and explored the place.

    Around 1746, two natives from Jinjing County, Minquan Tsai Chi-tang and Tsai Fang-yung, moved in. Around 1766, a native Wu Tzu from Dongshih, Jinjiang County, and Minquan migrated here and began to develop Ding Dongshih (Upper Dongshih). In 1786, five Tsai’s brothers of Jinjiang County, Minquan migrated here and began to develop this place. In addition, the descendants of Xiao Han-wen, a native of Cendou Township from the same province moved from Budaizui to Sankuaicuo Zhuang and began to develop this area.

    During the Japanese rule, an administrative office was established to govern this place. Later, it was renamed Dongshih Harbor Branch, Chiayi Prefecture. In 1920, it was renamed Dongshih Zhuang (Dongshih Village). After the Restitution of Taiwan, it was renamed Dongshih Township, affiliated to Tainan County. 

     In 1950, it was affiliated to the administrative district of Chiayi County.

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