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Dongshi Township Office

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White Book

    Dear folks, greetings. I would like to thank the encouragement and concern from you folks so that I was elected the 17th township mayor successfully. I would like to thank other election candidates for their suggestions and the folks’ comments. Listening to all the voices with a humble mind, I will make improvements for the betterment of us all.

    I deeply realized that being elected is already a kind of affirmation as well as a “sweet burden.” In my office, I will insist on my ideal of serving our folks and accomplishing our vision in order to “change Dongshih” and “let the folks see our future”. More importantly, I feel obliged to continue all the administrative measures of the last mayor. With young people’s novel thinking, practical measures, and efficient administration, I will empower authorization at different levels to promote our services to the people. Listening to public opinions widely, I am eager to create innovation and improvement in the township's administration.

    In the coming four years, I and my administration team will review ourselves with the highest standard to repay you folks for your recognition and affirmation. Moreover, I am going to serve Dongshih Township with a humbler mind with all I can to open up new chapters for Dongshih Township.

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